Microsoft Edge now with Chrome themes (no flags)

Microsoft has made a small change to the Chromium-based Edge browser. From today, you can install any of the various Chrome themes on Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge: when Microsoft suggests

Edge's Canary channel now has native support for Chrome themes and no additional installation steps are required.

The history:

Microsoft Edge Canary in version 81.0.394.0 was the first to use Chrome themes, but required a shortcut. Starting with Edge Canary in version 82.0.444.0, a flag was added to allow support for Chrome themes in the Microsoft browser.

Well the flag is no longer required. All you have to do is visit the Chrome Web Store and choose a theme that you like.

To install a Chrome theme in Microsoft Edge, open the Themes section in the Google Chrome Store. Select a theme and click the Add button to install it.

That's it.

Current versions of Edge

  • Stable Channel: 84.0.522.52
  • Beta Channel: 85.0.564.23
  • Dev Channel: 86.0.587.0
  • Canary Channel: 86.0.597.0

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