Microsoft: Blackmail support for a new CPU with Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft had warned that the latest generation processors will only be able to work with Windows 10. As evidenced by the of the company became a reality, forcing users of older operating systems to upgrade their computers.

This essentially means that only with Intel 10 will support new Intel, AMD and Qualcomm processors, while Window 7 or 8.1 will not.

This does not mean that the Windows Window 7 or 8.1 can not be installed on computers that have these new processors but that Microsoft (and the manufacturer) will not offer any form of support for these devices.Windows

A new support on Microsoft's website indicates that users running an unsupported processor on an older version of Windows will no longer be able to detect or download Windows updates.

According to the company, those who try to upgrade their system when they search for new updates will receive the following message:

Unsupported Hardware
Your computer uses a processor that is not supported in this version of Windows and will not receive updates.

Microsoft points out that users may see more when using Windows Update:

Windows could not look for new updates
There was an error checking for new updates for your computer.
Errors found:
X Window Update 80240037 encountered an unknown error.

The reason, according to Microsoft, is that "new generations of processors require the latest version of Windows". Microsoft says Intel's seventh-generation processors, AMD's "Bristol Ridge" and Qualcomm's "8996" series will not be supported.

Of course, the company also reports the solution for users affected by the issue: Upgrading to Window 10:

We recommend that you upgrade .1 and Windows 7 to Windows 10 ..

There is another option since upgrading to Windows 10? Updates that are available for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 are also available on its website Microsoft Update Catalog.

I don't use Windows, but it's very possible that Windows 7 or 8.1 updates will still work from there. This of course means more for the user, as they will have to search for and download the updates one by one from Microsoft's Update Catalog when they are released, in order to continue using an older version of Windows.

Microsoft does not explicitly mention it on the support page, nor does it even deny it:

"Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 devices running seventh-generation or higher processors will no longer be able to detect or download updates via Windows Update or Microsoft Update."

For those who did not understand, the above move by the company aims to blackmail the upgrade to Windows 10. Certainly the above aggressive promotion by excluding consumers from Windows Update cannot be considered a friendly move by the company, which continues to make decisions for its customers. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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