Microsoft is coming up with an update that removes Adobe Flash

Microsoft revealed today intends to remove and remove Adobe Flash Player from the company's browsers and operating systems. Administrators who want to remove Flash completely from Windows will be able to do so very soon.

Η Adobe announced in 2017 that it will stop Flash Player in December 2020. The company will stop releasing program updates and will stop distributing the player.

Flash was an integral part of the Internet, but technological advances have left it behind. While some sites still use it today, Flash is generally no longer as widely used as it was in its early days.

Browser makers like MozillaThe Google and Microsoft have announced plans to withdraw Flash from their products.

Adobe confirmed the shutdown of Flash on December 31, 2020 June of 2020. The company will remove Flash downloads from its website after the end of support and has revealed that Flash content will be blocked by the payer after the end of the support date.

Microsoft has announced plans to remove Adobe Flash from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Legacy, and the new Microsoft Edge.

The company will release a final update for Adobe Flash in December 2020 as part of the monthly Patch Tuesday. Since then, updates for Adobe Flash will no longer be available, and from January 2021, Adobe Flash Player will be "disabled by default and all versions older than the June 2020 update (KB4561600) will be automatically excluded.

Flash downloads and anything related to Adobe Flash will no longer be hosted by Microsoft.

Admin and Windows users who no longer need Flash will be able to download an update entitled "Update to Remove Adobe Flash Player" (Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player) from the Microsoft Update Catalog in the fall of 2020 to permanently remove Flash from the operating system. Microsoft explicitly states that the uninstall will be permanent.

The update will be released on devices via Windows Update and WSUS shortly and will be optional at first. The status of the update will change to a suggested one after a few months according to Microsoft.

Update to remove Adobe Flash Player will be included in the cumulative operating system updates. It should be noted that removing Flash using the update will not remove Flash used in browsers such as Google Chrome if the application still supports Flash. This will make it possible for you to install third-party browser updates.

Corporate customers who need Flash support after December 2020 can contact Adobe. The company provides information on all available options from here.

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