Microsoft is preparing to completely move Windows to the cloud

Microsoft is increasingly moving Windows to the cloud for business with Windows 365, but it looks like the company is preparing to do the same with Windows for consumers.

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In one Microsoft internal presentation "state of the business" (state of the business) from June 2022, Microsoft is discussing the creation of "Windows 365 to enable a full Windows operating system delivered from the cloud to any device".

The presentation was revealed as part of the FTC's ongoing hearing against Microsoft, as it covers Microsoft's overall gaming strategy and how it relates to other parts of the company's business.

Moving "Windows 11 increasingly into the cloud" is recognized as a long-term opportunity in Microsoft's "Modern Life" consumer plan.

It mentions using "the power of the cloud to enable AI-enhanced services and full roaming of people's digital experience".

“Windows 365 is a service that brings a full version of Windows to devices. Until now, it was limited to business customers only, but Microsoft has already integrated it deeply into Windows 11. A future update will include Windows 365 Boot, which will allow Windows 11 devices to connect directly to an instance of their PC in Cloud at startup instead of the local version of Windows”.

Windows 365 Switch is also built into Windows 11 to integrate Cloud computing (virtual desktops). The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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