Microsoft: FBI information within 45 ′ about Charlie Hebdo

While the French government is continuing its investigation into the Charlie Hebdo case, more information about how it arrived at the other suspects allegedly involved in the terrorist attacks. In the framework of the investigation, Microsoft was asked to deliver the data of two Outlook accounts, allegedly used by the attackers.
Charlie Hebdo

It took just 45 minutes to give Microsoft access to the FBI on these two Outlook accounts, as Microsoft lawyer Brad Smith said in statements he made about Charlie Hebdo in Brussels.

It is a proof that companies and governments can work together flawlessly, he added, noting that there is no problem disclosing details from a user account if there is no valid judicial warrant.

According to a LA Times publication, Smith unveiled Microsoft's collaboration with the French government for Charlie Hebdo in Brussels, stressing that if security agencies want more control over corporate services, since their requests are covered by laws disclosure of information is mandatory.

Recall that 2014, Microsoft has repeatedly been blamed for working with NSA. Smith repeated in his speech that everything must be clearly covered by laws, especially for user disclosure requests, without affecting public security and privacy in any way.

"If the government wants to shift the line between security and privacy to the right course, it should do so by changing the law rather than asking us to do it. Democratic societies, not private companies, should decide on the balance between public values ​​such as public security and privacy. "

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