Microsoft immediate changes to avoid another bottle

Microsoft has reportedly modified them of the Feedback Hub for Windows Insiders after discovering that many of them had reported the problem with the of files that pushed her to stop his mood 2018 .Microsoft

Microsoft it might have repaired this problemif its technicians had noticed a few Insiders reports in the company's Feedback Hub before releasing the update.

So today Microsoft has released one a brief announcement which reveals that the company has added a new feature to the Feedback Hub to allow Windows Insiders to report the seriousness of the issues they share with the technicians.

"We believe this will allow us to better monitor the most serious issues even when the feedback volume is high," said Brandon LeBlanc of the Windows Insider development team.

"You will be able to give an indication of the seriousness of your problem and how it affects your experience when submitting new comments."

Microsoft claims that data loss reports have risen to "one percent of one percent." However, they did exist and the developers did not notice them.

The company eventually seems to admit that any loss of data is very serious and if it had noticed reports when developing the 1809 version, it would have preferred to have a pre-release.

LeBlanc doesn't say exactly how it will work severity rating added to the Feedback Hub, but said it could help address the issue even if the reports are very few.

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