Fix from Microsoft to reboot Windows Phone

Η Microsoft released a new update for Windows Phone last month aimed at fixing the serious issue of a sudden reboot that affected a fairly large number of devices.

However, the update was only released for some models, including the company flagship Lumia 930. As it turned out, the problem affected several devices and so Microsoft has upgraded the Windows Phone Store to a new app that fixes the problem on all affected smartphones.Microsoft

The so-called "Stop Restart" app is structured in the wizard format and is very easy to use since all you need is for the user to select "next" until the fix is ​​complete. According to the company, the app automatically checks if the device has received the update, and if it does not, it will fix the problem on its own.

The biggest problem right now is that some smartphones still can't fix it and have the problem of sudden reboot. Reports circulating online from users indicate that the problem persists even after the application is up and running, but the extent of this issue has not yet been clarified.

"Microsoft has identified a problem with some versions of Windows Phone 8.1 that could put a phone to periodic restarts We have already released a fix to fix the problem with most Windows Phones. However, some phones that have not yet been connected to Microsoft servers need to download and install this fix, "the company explains in its official announcement.

Microsoft advises all Windows smartphone owners who have this problem to check for new updates and install them if available as well as download and install the Stop Restart app to see if the problem will corrected.


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