Microsoft Flight Simulator: Which aircraft will you drive

Microsoft has revealed to X019 which aircraft will include the expected Flight Simulator. The list shows well-known airlines.

During the Xbox event X019, Microsoft has revealed which aircraft will appear as expected Flight Simulator game . In particular, he mentioned the first airlines he worked with, trying to make the simulation of the game as accurate as 2020.

Here are the first companies he worked with (alphabetically):

  • Airbus
  • The Boeing Company
  • CubCrafters
  • Hence
  • Diamond Aircraft Industries
  • ICON Aircraft
  • Robin Aircraft
  • Textron Aviation

Note that registrations for the second Tech Alpha game are now open, so don't hesitate to sign up in the Insider program to try the game before everyone.

Ο Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released next year for Windows 10 and Xbox One and will be available through Game Pass.

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