Microsoft: New Counter-Terrorism Policies

(Reuters) In a world where terrorist attacks are on the rise, Microsoft on Friday announced new policies coming to crack down on so-called "terrorist content" in some of its consumer services.

In a blog post, the company announced that it would ban any "terrorist content" for some of its services, such as Xbox Live, the consumer version of Outlook e-mail, and any services they may share ( sharing) files consumers.terrorist Microsoft

As for the Bing search engine, Microsoft said it would only remove links when "required by search providers and local law."

Initially, Microsoft will rely on consumers who should report any inappropriate content. The company also announced that it would fund research into a content scans tool that will mark inappropriate images, audio and video.

"We will consider terrorist content, material published by or in support of the organizations included in the United Nations Security Council Sanctions List, which graphically depicts violence, the encouragement of violent action, the supporting terrorist organizations or terrorist acts, encouraging participation in such groups, etc. " states the blog post.

All of this, of course, illustrates the difficult situation many businesses face in balancing public security with the protection of individual rights.

The issue came to the fore after Apple's and US government clash on whether the federal authorities could force Apple to create software that could unlock an iPhone (and not only) used by one of them terrorists of San Bernardino last year.

"The events of recent months are a powerful reminder that the Internet can be used for the worst purposes imaginable," says Microsoft.

Microsoft also said that users would be able to use an online form to recommend content removal.

"Use this Web form to report content posted by or in support of a terrorist organization that graphically depicts violence, encourages violence, supports a terrorist organization or its acts, or encourages people to join such groups." The instructions state.

View the report form

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