Microsoft and Found.ation co-host Hack.athon smartcities

Η Microsoft Greece and the Found.ation Organize it Hack.athon "smartcities", In cooperation with the This is Athens of the municipality of Athens. The digital marathon will take place by 16 to December 18, in his space Found.ation (Eurystheus 2, Athens) and aims to bring forward innovative solutions that can make the city technologically smarter and more environmentally friendly and human.Hack.athon smartcities

To hack.athon "smartcities", participants will be invited to develop and present innovative applications to address the modern challenges of city life. Thematic categories of the digital marathon are as follows: Cleanliness, Public Space and Update. In conception, design and development of solutions, the participants will support, as mentors, distinguished professionals from the field of technology.

Η Microsoft Greece will support the ideas that will be distinguished in hack.athon "smartcities", providing them with technological solutions that are indispensable for their implementation.

Ο Timos Plaatsas, Communication Manager and Corporate Social Responsibility of Microsoft for Greece, Cyprus and Μάλτα and member of the jury of hack.athon "smartcities" said:

"Her vision Microsoft is, through innovation, to help people and society transform, in a positive and technologically intelligent way, their daily lives and their future. In this very direction, it is also intended to contribute hack.athon "smartcities". We are confident that, during the three days, we will bring out many interesting ideas that, with their implementation, can make our city more "green", more functional, more humane».

Ο Dimitris Kalavros-Gousion, co-founder and Partner of Found.ation said:

"Its purpose hack.athon "smartcities" is to be the starting point for new products and services that, with the citizen at heart, will contribute to the creation of the city of the future. The given intention of the involved parties to support and after the end hack.athon "smartcities", the teams that will be distinguished in order to realize their ideas, confirms our strong belief in the technological talent that exists in our country».

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