Microsoft HoloLens will help you find your keys

A new Microsoft patent application shows that HoloLens glasses can help you easily find small items such as car keys.


More generally, the patent describes a system who can monitor the status of the items without instructions from users, keeping information about something that is important to your life.

The basic idea of ​​the patent is quite simple. The HoloLens have cameras that can make a spatial map of a room and vision technology can locate or track specific objects in an image. So if, for example, you put your keys on a table, HoloLens could hypothetically identify them through the camera and silently mark their place. When you want to leave the house, they could give you the last known location of the keys, even if they have been covered by a newspaper or slipped under a cushion on the couch.

Presently it looks like a very ineffective way to find your keys. You should always wear the smart glasses, which are now incredibly inconvenient. If you also drop your keys somewhere without looking at them, the system could not record their movement. Let that in a future with 24 / 7 augmented reality we may not even have keys.

Perhaps what is really interesting is not the idea of ​​locating an object from HoloLens. It is the learning of HoloLens which items matter to you and their choice to monitor them. To be clear, you could define objects: for example, a traveler tells HoloLens to monitor his passport. Or it could even be food in your fridge reminding you what to buy when you go to the supermarket hours later.

And if you want to take it one step further, this technology can begin to find patterns of your own motion that are identified exclusively with you, something like fingerprints. In addition, Microsoft sees a near future where, in some way, we will have one or more cameras continuously on top of us. It may not be the bulky and uncomfortable HoloLens, but do not forget that it is a patent that simply patented the patent for future profits.

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