Microsoft: Padlock in the Hotfix service

It seems Microsoft has stopped the Hotfix service for its Windows operating system.

So system administrators and users trying to download hotfixes will see the message "This hotfix is ​​no longer available".Microsoft

The message reads:

The hotfix service is no longer available. You can find the repair or patch by upgrading to the most recent update that is available for your product.

You can also get Microsoft drivers, software updates, and other support files by downloading them from Microsoft Catalog, Microsoft Download Center, or by upgrading to Windows 10. Windows 10 contains the latest security features and other features.

Microsoft has had past repairs to address critical issues from specific page.
Emergency fixes existed as separate downloads, which made it easier for system administrators to correct some issues on their devices.

Microsoft did not make any announcement about the closure of the service, but the reasons given above are obvious.


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