Microsoft Inspire: Cloud PC service will be announced

Microsoft may announce the new Cloud PC service at next week's Inspire event. The company has not revealed details about the Cloud PC. However, the names of those who will take part along with other information show that the announcement is very close.

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On July 15, Microsoft will host an event called "What Next in End-User Computing" with Scott Manchester. ZDNet reports that Scott Manchester is the head of the department that develops services for Windows Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop Services, Second Screen Remoting, as well as other multimedia and networking technologies

Earlier this year, ZDNet author Mary Jo Foley reported that Scott Manchester was working on the new service. Cloud PC.

The upcoming service will give users access to a full version of Windows running in the cloud. This will allow employees to connect to their remote desktop from anywhere via the Internet.

Cloud PC is somewhat similar to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud). But it is a productivity service and not gaming.

According to pricing information, the prices of the Cloud PC service will differ from those of the Windows virtual desktop. In particular, organizations and companies will be able to pay a lump sum for each user who will use the upcoming service.

ZDNet also reports that the Cloud PC is already being tested by several Microsoft partners.

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