It is official Microsoft kills the Control Panel

Today it became official news, the rumor that Microsoft wanted to stop the Control Panel from Windows. In fact, Microsoft wants us to learn the new settings and forget about all the other PC management tools.

control panel

Gabriel Aul, Vice President, Microsoft's WDG Engineering Systems team and Windows Insider program agent, today confirmed that the Classic Control Panelcontrol Panel) is about to die in the near future:

The existence of two different applications means more complexity of code and disk / memory usage. Getting acquainted with one is simpler.

This is really bad news for all users who preferred to use the classic control panel and avoided using the "Settings" application.

Personally, I find the Classic Control Panel faster, more advanced, more suitable for the mouse and keyboard, and better organized by the Settings app. OR

Settings application is slower and requires more clicks or typing to change something because it is organized into categories and pages. It also requires more scrolling due to its design to be friendly to touch products and many of the settings are simplified in such a way that some advanced settings have been eliminated.

Metro controls used in applying settings that are not at all friendly to the mouse or the keyboard and their use even the colors are depressing. The Settings app is acceptable for touch devices, but for users with the classic keyboard + mouse, it is a disaster.

The next big upgrade to Windows 10 is expected in November of 2015. It is not clear when exactly the Control Panel will be removed from Windows 10 but we know that the new Start menu does not have a corresponding link for the Control panel to open it.

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