Microsoft and Zoom are the most phishing companies for 2020

It seems that for 2020 the internet scammers preferred to pretend to be Microsoft and Zoom to look for victims through regular phishing.

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You've probably seen these emails where a scammer pretends to be a particular company, but have you ever wondered which companies are most in demand on impersonation? As it turns out, 2020 was the year of Microsoft and Zoom fraud, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we used the internet.

Because scammers loved Microsoft and Zoom in 2020.
The AtlasVPN reported about how the scammers worked in 2020 and which companies they chose as a pretext. 69,77 percent of fraudsters accounted for Microsoft, while Zoom came in second with 9,3%.

But why did Microsoft and Zoom take the top positions? If you think about the big events that happened in 2020, the biggest one was by far the global spread of COVID-19 and the push of people to work from home.

It seems that the two biggest players in the remote meetings scene for 2020 were Microsoft Teams and Zoom. That's why both companies were preferred by fraudsters.

So in the midst of the panic of users trying to get online, scammers started sending emails that mimicked Microsoft and Zoom. Since there are many users who are still not well versed in technology, they were likely to fall victim to a fake email.

Therefore, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft and Zoom will decline in popularity among scammers, as the COVID-19 pandemic will logically begin to decline in 2021. Microsoft can maintain its position at the top, as Scammers enjoy using the company name for other businesses as well, such as tech support scams.

How long Zoom will report will depend on whether users stay with Zoom or switch to another teleconferencing service. And logically the scammers will move too following the usage statistics.



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