Microsoft: Ads in File Explorer by mistake

A few days ago, we mentioned that Microsoft has started showing ads for its services in File Explorer that exist in the Insider versions of Windows black

The ads did not appear at all, leading many to believe that Microsoft was conducting A / B testing before embedding them in the "stable" operating system. Of course, Microsoft's move provoked a lot of reactions from the public. So Microsoft gave some clarifications about the controversial move.

A statement from the company, published by The Verge, says that the ads in File Explorer were in error. THE Windows Manager Brandon LeBlanc said:

It was an experimental banner that was not intended to be published externally and was disabled.

However, his statement was slightly alarming, as Microsoft does not completely rule out the possibility of ads appearing in "fixed" (GA) versions of File Explorer in the future. They may have been released by mistake this time, but we do not know if they will be released properly in the near future.

The last appearance of an ad in File Explorer was promoting the Microsoft extension . In the past, the company tried again to serve ads for the in Exploration , but again faced backlash from the public.

It will be interesting to see if the company takes seriously the public comments on the "unfortunate" incident. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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