Microsoft launches automatic 21H1 update in Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it has started the automatic upgrade of Windows 10 devices to version 21H1.

21h1 windows update

Earlier this month, Microsoft began training machine learning algorithms to find out what issues might arise during the update process before upgrading a larger number of users to Windows 10 21H1.

So far Windows 10 21H1 is offered as an option manual update that you can install if you go to "check for updates" in Windows Update. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it will update complete videos a large number of Windows 10 devices with version 21H1.

"We are now starting a new phase in our release. Using the machine learning training we have created so far, we increase the number of devices selected for automatic updating in Windows 10, version 21H1, and that are nearing the end of the service ", explains Microsoft on the Windows 10 notification page, version 21H1 .

With Windows 10 2004 coming to an end on December 14, 2021, most devices with this version of Windows 10 will automatically upgrade to the latest version.

For those who do not wish to upgrade to Windows 10 21H1, you can postpone the auto-update feature using the "Auto-update configuration" group policy in the Settings section > Πρότυπα διαχείρισης > Στοιχεία των Windows > Windows Update > Windows Update για επιχειρήσεις. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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