Microsoft has released a free Windows 11 Security eBook

Microsoft has released an eBook designed to help users understand how security works in Windows 11 through multiple layers.

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Microsoft's new eBook is called “Windows 11 Security eBook: Powerful security from chip to cloud", which in Greek means Windows 11 Security Book: Strong security from the chip to the cloud.

This is a free eBook with more than 70 pages of information, which is important for anyone who wants to know everything about Windows 11, when it comes to security.

The book is only in English language, there is no Greek translation and readers can read about Hardware Security, Operating System Security, Application Security, Identity, Privacy, Cloud Services and Security Foundation.

windows 11 security ebook

Additionally, the eBook is designed to provide users with an overview of Windows 11's security priorities. For example, it explains that Windows 11 can store important data behind additional barriers separated by the operating system.

This means that information such as encryption keys and user credentials are protected from software and other users who are not properly authorized to view it. Basically, both hardware (TPM) and software work in tandem to protect user data.

It's a great eBook for anyone who wants to learn more about the Windows 11 operating system, which Microsoft says is the most secure Windows yet. You can download the ebook from here. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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