Microsoft has released .NET 5.0

Microsoft released the final version of .NET 10 on November 5.0. The new version of the company is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and ARM operating systems.

Microsoft with the release of .NET 5.0 promises that the new version improves performance, includes language enhancements, and notes that Windows ARM64 and WebAssembly have been added to supported platforms.

The announcement was made during the virtual .NET Conf 2020 designed specifically to provide developers with information on new releases. The company also released ASP.Net Core, EF Core, C # 9 and F # 5 on 10 November 2020.

Microsoft introduced .NET 5.0 in May 2019 with the intention of releasing its final version in November 2020. New major releases of .NET will be released once a year, in November. The next major release, .NET 6.0, will be released in November 2021. Microsoft names .NET 5.0 as the current release and will support it until February 2022 (about three months after the release of .NET 6.0).

Visual Studio 16.8 or later is required to use .NET 5.0 on Windows computers. Mac OS developers need the latest version of Visual Studio for Mac, C # extension, and Visual Studio code support. NET 5.0.

Microsoft has published a detailed analysis of .NET 5.0 that you can read from here.

You can download it from the official Dot Net download site.

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