Microsoft Lumia 850 appeared the first images?

Lumia 850 or Honjo could be the next smartphone that will be released by Microsoft, although some claim that plans for this device have already been postponed.

A photo leaked online from the Chinese Baidu and @ Evleaks, reportedly displaying Lumia 850. lumia 850

The leaked image displays the upcoming (?) Device in various colors (gold and pink frame) with a premium finish.

The Lumia 850 follows the same design line as all other Lumia models on the market. Thus, the design of the device, at least when viewed from the front, is no different. A built-in front camera appears to have an infrared sensor for Windows Hello.

With the new Lumia showing the image, Microsoft seems to try to give a high-quality feel displaying the upcoming device with some special colors such as gold and pink.

Some claim that the Lumia 850 is very similar to the older models of the iPhone.

Nevertheless, the 850 version could succeed the Lumia 830, and could make its debut sometime in early 2016. At this time, we do not know the features or price of the device.

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