Microsoft: macros blocking in Office applications from July 27

Microsoft confirmed this week that it will soon begin blocking Visual Basic Applications (VBA) macros in Office applications by default, after quietly withdrawing the change earlier this month.

The company's first attempt seems to have left some unsatisfied.


In a new update, the company has (finally) said that it will start blocking Office macros by default starting July 27th.

The new statement came shortly after the company discontinued the macro blocking feature citing negative “user feedback”.

It is believed that the initial rollout, which began in early June, caused problems for organizations – companies that use macros to automate routine processes, such as collecting data or performing certain tasks.

In a statement published to TechCrunch, Microsoft said it paused the release to "make some additional changes to further improve usability."

The company has since updated all its documentation with step-by-step instructions for end users and administrators explaining how Office will determine whether to block or run macros, which versions of Office will be affected by the new rules, how will VBA macros be allowed in trusted files and how you can prepare for the change.

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