Microsoft member of the Linux Foundation Energy

"Microsoft has joined forces with LF Energy, a non-profit Linux Foundation working to accelerate the energy transition of global grids and open source transmission systems," ZDNet reports.


Microsoft eventually became a strategic member of the Linux Foundation, and Audrey Lee, Senior Director of Energy Strategy at Microsoft, was elected to serve on the LF Energy Foundation Board of Directors.

Dr. Shuli Goodman, executive director of LF Energy, told ZDNet that the foundation believes Microsoft will play an important role in advancing their carbon offset mission.

"The LF Energy Foundation is excited that Microsoft is joining our organization as a General Member. "Microsoft's commitment to carbon is well known, and it directly encourages the technology sector to look for more efficient ways to buy and consume energy," said Goodman.

energy linux foundation

"LF Energy is at the forefront of all open source projects focused on improving the automation, control, security, virtualization and interoperability of power systems. Our members contribute valuable code, tools, resources and know-how to speed up these projects. ”

Goodman called Microsoft a "power multiplier" and said the company supports LF Energy and will help promote their projects at a very fast pace.

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