Microsoft Makes Windows Completely Free for Small Tablets

Microsoft announced an application suite for iOS and Android

Η Microsoft announced today a suite of mobile apps that use iOS and . After its reformation of the MSN service, in September, today the company gives the possibility to download all the MSN applications, that is: MSN News, Sports, & Fitness, Food & Drink and Money.Microsoft-Makes-Windows-Completely-Free-for-Small-Tablets

MSN Weather is also available for download but only for Android devices. The iOS version of this application will be released in the "coming months", as reported by Microsoft. The app suite also works with Amazon devices running Android.

It seems to be a very smart move by Microsoft as it tries to compete with all the rivals του Windows Phone. Για να το επιτύχει, δείχνει να προσπαθεί να εξοικειώσει καλύτερα τους χρήστες με τις δικές της and applications.

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