Microsoft new terms to use user data in AI training

Microsoft recently published an updated Services Agreement (Read the changes in the new Service Agreement) that will come into effect by the end of this month, September 30, 2023.

The company seems to have expanded the “Your Content” section and the “Your Privacy” section. This was done so that it could analyze user-generated data, which includes that generated using Microsoft's various AI services, such as Bing Chat, among others.spy

So a whole new section “AI Services” has been added which has a sub-section titled “Using Your Content”.

As is often the case with such service agreements, the terms and wording are vague most of the time.

So Mozilla read the new terms of service and since then it has been relentlessly attacking Microsoft, trying to find out what the company's real intentions are. Mozilla has been relentlessly attacking Microsoft through X for the past few days, constantly bombarding it with questions and various statements.

Here is the list of posts he made on X:

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Here is the full description of the report published by Mozilla:

Ask Microsoft: Are you using our personal data to train AI?

We had four lawyers, three privacy experts and two campaigners weigh in on Microsoft's new Services Agreement, which comes into effect on September 30. None of our experts could say whether Microsoft plans to use your personal data — including audio, video, chat, and attachments from its 130 products, including Office, Skype, Teams, and Xbox — to train the models. AI.

If nine privacy experts can't figure out what Microsoft is doing with your data, what chance does the average person have? That's why we're asking Microsoft to tell us if it's going to use our personal data to train its AI.

You can find it on this page on the official Mozilla website. If you think the Firefox author has a valid point and cause for concern, then you can support his cause and subscribe to the report. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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