Microsoft: comes a new simplified Skype

Η is reportedly redesigning Skype, following complaints from app users that the addition of new features from Snapchat "overwhelmed" the app's features.

Microsoft seems to have listened to its customers and decided to remove Highlights, a feature that allows users to post photos in bulk.Microsoft

Microsoft's experimentation with changes to the app's design "overshadowed some of its core functions," including Skype's original goal of making calls, according to Peter Skillman, director of design for Skype and .

“The calls became much more difficult and the Highlights didn't excite the majority of users. We need to take a step back and simplify the application ”, explained.

Skype designers now focus on the main reasons users use Skype. So the new version will bring very simplified voice and video calls and easy-to-use messaging.

On mobile devices, Skype will only have three quick buttons in chats, calls and contacts. Along with Highlights, the Capture feature will also be removed. So users who posted Highlights will have until September 30th to download them.

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