Download the Microsoft Office 16 Preview first

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft is also actively developing the next version of the Office suite, which has version 16 and is likely to be codenamed Office 2016. Right now, many are trying out the new version of Windows 10 that available through the Windows Insider program. But many do not know that they can try Microsoft Office 16 Preview as well. shows you the steps you need to follow to get your own copy of Microsoft Office 16 Preview.

Before proceeding, you should know the following:

  • The Microsoft Office 16 Preview can not be installed with any previous version of Microsoft Office.
  • It may contain errors as it is not the final product.
  • You should use a Microsoft account.

Download the Microsoft Office 16 Preview

Go to the following website:
Sign in with your Microsoft Account and click Product Catalog ( Product Directory.) on the “My Dashboard” pageMicrosoft Office 16 Preview

In the product list, click the link that says "View Connect products currently not accepting feedback" in the lower left corner:ms connect

Become a member of the Microsoft Office Preview program:

ms connect 1

Enter the Microsoft email that is linked to your account with your name and proceed to the download page. Download the latest version available:ms download
Pick the Office 16 Deployment Tool, it's the name file

Extract the ZIP file and locate the Setup.exe file. For example, if you extracted the contents of the zip to C: \ Setup.exe is in the following path:

C: \ v1.06.1 \ Files \ O16 \ setup.exe

Create a new blank document in the same folder where you have the setup.exe file. Name configuration.xml. Make sure the .txt extension does not exist and open it with the notepad. The contents of configuration.xml should be as follows:


Now open the command line in the C: \ v1.06.1 \ Files \ O16 \ folder and run the following command:

setup.exe / download configuration.xml

You download the 16.0.3629.1008 version of Microsoft Office or even a later version:

When your download is complete, run the following command from the same command line to install Office 16:

setup.exe / configure Configuration.xml


You're done!

Note: The installation will still say "Office 2013". You will find the actual version of the product in the About / activation window below File in the menu:

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