Microsoft: Do not buy Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019: It's very rare for a company to advise its customers to avoid a product being developed and released.

It sounds paradoxical, but it just seems to be does Microsoft with a series of videos stating that you do not have to buy the new version of Office 2019. Instead, the company proposes to subscribe to the Office 365 subscription service.Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft has released a series of comparative videos called The Twins Challenge. The company in these videos is testing the two Office applications 2019 and Office 365 in the same tasks.

The test results, you can guess from the article title: Office 365 completed the tests faster and more efficiently than the Office 2019 application.

Microsoft Office 2019 The Twins Challenge video

Microsoft's post-message is clear: select Office 365 because it is faster and produces better results than Office 2019. Do not buy Office 2019, better sign up for Office 365.

Microsoft uses various strategies to make Office 2019 less attractive than Office 365. The company made Office 2019 available exclusively on Windows 10 and increased its price. Finally, the company announced that it will not add new features to the Office 2019 after its release. Only security and stability updates will be released.

Office 365 offers some value advantages, although Office 2019 users will have to pay only once for an application license. On the other hand, Office 365 users are charged per month or per year, and the permission of that application allows Office to be installed and used on multiple devices.

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