Microsoft has Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one Office application

Microsoft applications Office for mobile phones, have long been available separately. Until now, users had to download and install it separately WordThe Excel and Power point, from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Microsoft Office

While for some this was the right approach, as they did not want the full Microsoft suite Office , but only a specific application, such as Word or the Excel, others found the idea of ​​separate applications rather annoying because they had to download, install and update more than one application.

Microsoft obviously measured both opinions and recently posted an update to the Google Play Store of Microsoft Office which includes all the applications offered in the past separately.

Η Microsoft Office application is offered currently only for Android users, but logically Microsoft will bring it to the iPhone in the coming weeks. There is no official announcement about the new consolidated Office application, but the Google Play Store listing underscores the purpose of its existence.

From a technical point of view, a Microsoft application Office which combines all the productivity tools that have so far been offered separately, is also useful in Microsoft's partnerships with various device manufacturers.

For example, Samsung preinstalls Microsoft applications Office on Galaxy S models and offers the Word, Excel and Power point Separately. An application that combines everything could make everything simpler for everyone, so it remains to be seen when and if this approach will be extended to other platforms.

Respectively, Xiaomi uses the KingSoft suite, which contains all the individual programs in a single application.

The old, separate applications of Word, Excel etc. still exist in the Google Play Store, for those who do not agree with the new move of the company. But we do not know what they will become or if they will be supported in the future.

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