Microsoft is throwing Facebook and Google out of the Outlook chat

You know that is mostly an email service that also supports conversations. You can click on the chat icon on the web page to display the available contacts and the options for starting a video or audio call.outlook-com

If you check the web site at this time, you should see the options to connect with friends on Facebook friends and your contacts on Google services as the site still allows contact with those contacts.

But Microsoft has recently announced in an email that it will suspend support for Facebook Chat and Google Chat through its service

E-mail appears to have been sent only to users using either Facebook Chat or Google Chat via The reason for removing Google Chat is to withdraw Google Talk from Google trying to establish the Hangouts service.

Hangouts, unlike Google Talk, does not use XMPP, and Microsoft points out that this change will affect conversations but not Google or Facebook contacts that have been added to or another Microsoft account .

The company recommends using Skype on, saying it "provides a better user experience for video and audio calls," according to ZDNet.

The change should be seen from the next few weeks to be applied to all users of

Microsoft's decision probably wants to affect some users, to switch to its own service to chat with their selected contacts.

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