Microsoft over 1 billion users

Δεν συμβαίνει πολύ συχνά να μας δίνει η Microsoft για τον αριθμό των συσκευών ή των χρηστών των λειτουργικών της συστημάτων ή άλλων προϊόντων.

Χθες όμως ήταν μια τέτοια μέρα, καθώς η Microsoft αποκάλυψε ότι τα Windows έχουν πλέον περισσότερους από 1 χρήστες. Η ανάρτηση, που δημοσιεύτηκε στο Windows Developer blog, εστιάζει στην απόδοση ως επί το πλείστον. Ο τίτλος του είναι “Delivering Delightful Performance for More Than One Billion Users Worldwide", and one of the paragraphs of the post claims that Windows has crossed the 1 billion user mark worldwide.

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Microsoft writes:

“Today, we're going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how performance improvements are achieved! Windows operates at scale – with more than a billion users and countless combinations of usage patterns, core applications and hardware.”

The post as mentioned above focuses on performance, specifically how Microsoft improved performance in various ways. The company boasts that Windows 11 "is the most reliable version of Windows," and that users will have a "6% average reduction in power consumption" if they follow the Microsoft Energy Recommendation.

The article gives some interesting information:

  • Microsoft runs "over one million hours of machine validation" every day.
  • Diagnostic data provides Microsoft with over 2,5 million cabs per day, over 12 million performance traces per year, and over 70,4 billion performance data points per year.
  • The new Microsoft Teams is twice as fast as the old one and uses half the resources.
  • Τα πιο συχνά χρησιμοποιούμενα interactions βελτιώθηκαν “έως και 15%”.
  • Microsoft Edge starts faster than ever and saves with features like Sleeping Tabs, which saves up to 83% of memory for open tabs.

Microsoft also says that the new boot process has significantly improved the booting of the operating system. Engineers reduce application startup time by ensuring that "applications with which the user is trying to interact respond immediately and with priority."

Η Εξερεύνηση αρχείων, ο προεπιλεγμένος αρχείων του λειτουργικού συστήματος Windows 11, έχει βελτιωθεί επίσης, σύμφωνα με τη Microsoft. Η εταιρεία ισχυρίζεται ότι έχει βελτιώσει τις λειτουργίες μαζικής διαγραφής αρχείων έως και 67% και βελτίωσε και τον χρόνο εκκίνησης της εφαρμογής.

The post contains a long list of performance improvements made between the months of February and May 2023.

See the full list at publication of the company. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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