Microsoft pays the fines if you use Copilot AI

Microsoft said it would defend buyers of the products of its intelligence from copyright infringement lawsuits, in an attempt by the company to assuage doubts they may have about the use of Copilots AI in content creation.

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The copyright pledge for Microsoft Copilot will protect customers as long as they "use the guardrails and content filters we've built into our products," said Hossein Nowbar, General Counsel, Corporate Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary at Microsoft. in a post on the company's blog.

Microsoft also pledged to pay any related fines or settlements and said it has taken steps to ensure its Copilots respect copyright.

"We want to stand behind our customers when they use our products," Nowbar said.

"We charge our commercial customers for our Copilots, and if their use creates legal issues, we should make that our problem, not our customers' problem."

Productive AI applications collect existing content such as art, articles, and programming code and use it to create new material that can simplify or automate a range of tasks.

Microsoft is adding the technology, developed with its OpenAI partner, to many of its biggest products, such as Office and Windows, potentially putting its customers at legal risk. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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