Microsoft Project Scorpio see the stunning features

Eurogamer today revealed the specifications for the upcoming successor to Xbox One. Microsoft's 'Project Scorpio' achieved the performance of six teraflops using a customized 8-core processor clocked at 2,3 GHz.

This particular processor makes the upcoming console around 30% faster than the Xbox One, and much better in handling multitasking.

Please note that the site claims that leaks come directly from Microsoft, and states that they are official and final.

Microsoft's main goal with Project Scorpio is full compatibility with current Xbox One games and vice versa.Microsoft Project Scorpio

The GPU of upcoming Project Scorpios is about 4,6 times stronger than the Xbox. It will wear 12 GB GDDR5 RAM from which 8GB will only be for games.

All of the above features make the upcoming console a bit more powerful than PS4 Pro and although it is unable to play any PS4 game on 4K, Project Scorpio can theoretically handle almost every current Xbox One title on 4K.

With Pro Scorpio, Microsoft hopes to win back the developers as it has several toolsets to make it easier to create games.

Of course, there is not yet a precise release date, and the prices have not leaked, although it will surely leak more information before E3.

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