Microsoft's fault for deleting files and more…

Microsoft last week withdrew its Windows 10 October 2018 Update when it received complaints that the operating system installation deleted some files. In a post today the company explains what exactly did not go well with this update.

Microsoft reports that the culprit for deleting files is a change made to KFR (Known Folder Redirection). The feature allows users to redirect known folders, such as Windows libraries and desktop, to a new location they want.Microsoft

The company reportedly received comments from Windows users who installed the April 2018 Update that KFR created a blank folder on their device. So the new October 2018 Update came with a new encoding to avoid this behavior.

"This change, combined with another change in the update sequence build, led to the deletion of the old" folder "files and their contents, leaving only the new folder intact," explains Microsoft.

The company as you will see in the official announcement continues to explain three different issues with the existing KFR feature in Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Personal opinion

But beyond the technical details, it makes me feel that the company does not take responsibility. A company that announces that Known Folder Redirection is blamed for file deletion, and not developers who wrote the code, as well as flawed internal testing, does not inspire confidence.

Let me say that an error was reported by Insiders but did not give him the proper meaning. I also think that I should emphasize the difference between the terms of liability and excuse.

It would not be bad to admit it negligence (this is called justify liability) and apologize to its users, who have recently been receiving one update after another for bug fixes created by updates…

Let me be bad does not matter…


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