Microsoft Send email application for iOS soon on Android-Windows Phone

Over the past two months, Microsoft Garage has released several applications for Android and iOS. Today, the company replayed and released Send for iOS.

The new application is called Send and according to developers is designed for "in-and-out e-mail." But Send is more than just an e-mail client for iOS devices, as the app also offers instant messaging.

"And while programs like text messaging and IM are great for texting, you often don't even have your colleague's cell phone number," the Outlook team says in a blog post .

In essence, with the new app, users will be able to receive and send text messages quickly, except of course by classic emails. So instead of opening the email program to send a very short message, they will now be able to send the instant message using the new application.

This is also particularly useful when you do not have the recipient's phone number so you can use any of the instant messegers already on the market.

With the new Microsoft application, you can send messages without having to fill in a subject line. You do not even have to follow any logic of e-mails in order to send a message.

Obviously, there will be no signatures or greetings in the new app after it has been developed with the logic of simplicity. According to Microsoft, the main goal was to make the talks quick and straightforward.

It is also worth noting that the application connects to Office 365 business to scan all your frequent and recent contacts.

Additionally, the app will not show all your emails, but only those that started through it. Also, all messages comply with the user's email organization policies, which are referred to as emails.

Basically, this means that all chats in Send can be synchronized with Outlook, allowing users to continue chatting from anywhere and on any platform.

You can now download the application for iOS for free through the App Store. The application is fully compatible with all devices running iOS 8.0 or higher.

According to Microsoft Garage, Send will soon be released for Android and Windows Phone.



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