Microsoft AI for smoking in gas stations

Microsoft: anti-smoking AI. A lit cigarette burns at about 600 degrees Celsius. The auto-ignition point of gasoline is less than half a degree. Despite this, there are people who smoke when pumping gasoline.

Because of this widespread behavior, Microsoft has developed an alarm system that uses AI to help gas station employees "catch" offenders.

It is difficult to imagine the stupidity that some laws of basic thermodynamics need to ignore, but there are many who do it. So the Microsoft Azure Team has found that some complex artificial intelligence is the best way to deal with the problem.Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly using cameras to keep track of gas station customers and when local AI detects certain behaviors (a lit cigarette for example) sends images to the cloud where a powerful AI determines whether or not to hit an alarm.

Microsoft is not specialized with alarms and we hope you will not be ridiculed by any mistake. However, the idea sounds very useful, as nobody wants to risk his life because one's addiction can not wait for five minutes.

Of course the way Microsoft proposes costs, and in Greece today there are probably no gas stations that can afford the use of AI models. But a pilot program with the new technology is currently running in two stations Shell fuels (in Singapore and Thailand).


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