Microsoft Available all ISO 7 ISO for legitimate users

Microsoft has made a quiet change of distribution of Windows 7 ISO for users who want to perform a clean installation as the files are no longer available through the official digital download 7 Microsoft

The company with a new service called Microsoft Software Recovery Center provides information about the download you want to make while checking whether your license is valid or not.

Η Microsoft has not yet officially announced the change but has long been trying to take the download center from Digital River's servers to its own environment. We hope that we will soon see a similar system for all the operating systems and software of the company.

How to Download Windows ISO 7

Currently, the company page only allows Windows 7 to be downloaded, but this will probably change in the coming months as Microsoft continues to develop the project.

To download Windows 7, all you need to do is enter the product key on the company's official website, select the language you want, and click the "Verify Product Key" button.

As Lifehacker reports, Microsoft will automatically check your key, and if everything is OK, it will allow you to download the ISO you selected. If it does not allow you to download, the activation key you used is probably not legal (pirated). If you feel that the system has been wrong, you can contact the company from the following phones:

Customer Service and Support: 801 500 3000 (local call charge) or + 30 211 1206 500 (call from a mobile phone)

You can download your ISO from here.

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