Microsoft has also officially launched the Spartan browser

At today's Microsoft Windows 10 event, the company unveiled all the new browser that will be released alongside Internet Explorer on the next operating system: Spartan or if you want the Spartan.Spartan

The new browser is based on Webkit technology, not on Microsoft's in-house Trident engine.

The new browser lets you collaborate with others and paint on a screen from different computers.

The browser also has a read function that automatically downloads articles for reading in an offline environment, which can be useful on a flight without internet.

Cortana gets embedded in the new browser to give you information during your surfing, something like Google Now.

Joe Belfiore, vice president of Microsoft Operating Systems, said Spartan is the current code name and will probably change before release.

It is not clear exactly when the new browser will be released, but Belfiore said it will come "in the coming months."

Photographs and information from TNW

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