Microsoft SQL & Azure Day: Thursday, June 4 Microsoft Greece

We present to you the invitation we just received from Microsoft Hellas. The invitation is addressed to all those who are interested and manage to register. Microsoft SQL & Azure Day: Thursday, June 4. Register now!

The most basic requirement in a system, however simple or complex, is almost always the performance of the database located in its center.Microsoft SQL and Azure Day

SQL Server is a solution that can respond to any conditions with the right set-up and customization

Η Microsoft Hellas invites you to see a series of presentations on performance optimization and troubleshooting that every good IT professional should be aware of.

The task will be undertaken by three of the best professionals in the field.

The event will take place on Thursday 4 June in the auditorium of Microsoft!

Registration is free of charge and places are restricted. Ensure your participation here!

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Dimitris Koutsanastassis, Cloud Evangelist @ Microsoft Hellas The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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