Microsoft Store hosts Python

You can now download the Python programming language for free from the Microsoft Store.


Unlike most Linux and Unix systems, Windows has not hitherto included a native Python installation. If you wanted to install Python, you had to download and run the MSi package that CPython has created for many years on its website.

Recently, the CPython team released an official language package in the Microsoft Store. This version of Microsoft Store includes a simple installation, which is suitable for running scripts and packages and using IDLE or other development environments.

Due to limitations in Microsoft Store applications, Python scripts will not have full write access to shared sites like TEMP and the registry.

About Python:
Python is an easy and powerful programming language. It is an ideal language for scripting and fast application development on most platforms. Entire sites like Instagram, Reddit and Mozilla have been built into it. It is also used in data analysis, cloud infrastructure & DevOps and many other applications. Simplicity, clear syntax and short codes define Python as a high-level language.

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You can download it free from Microsoft Store from here.



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