The first Surface Studio all-in-one desktop PC

At the Windows 10 event in New York today, Microsoft announced its first desktop computer: The Surface Studio all-in-one PC. The new PC has a 28-inch screen with 13,5 million pixels (192 PPI), but the biggest unique feature is the "zero gravity" that allows you to place the device at any angle you want, even if it is completely flat in the office your.

The computer pre-orders started today and you can get it with 2.999 dollars.Surface Studio

Panos Panay, chief technician for all Microsoft devices, explained that this computer has the "thinnest LCD screen ever made" for a desktop computer, as it reaches 12,5 mm. Its resolution reaches 4500 × 3000, so yes the ratio is 3: 2. You can activate on the fly different types of colors, DCI-P3 and sRGB.

Panay was also very proud of the fact that the computer has a real scale, or as he put it, "an inch on the screen is an inch in real life."

That was just the screen.

Other specifications that may be of interest to you are that the computer comes with a GTX 980, 32GB DDR4 RAM, an 2TB PCIe SSD, SD card support, four 3.0 USB ports, Ethernet, built-in 2.1 speakers, mini DisplayPort, and three fans. There is also a linear microphone array at the top of the screen and a Surface Studio HD Camera that naturally supports Windows Hello.Surface Studio

As its name implies (Surface Studio), the Microsoft desktop PC will come as a device that turns your office into a studio. The all-in-one Surface device includes a large screen that can be mounted on a flat surface, restoring memories of Microsoft's original Surface Table Computer.

In addition to the mouse and keyboard, the all-in-one device also supports a Surface Pen and touch screen. There is also a new optional Surface Dial touchscreen accessory for another source of input.

As you understand, Microsoft is thinking about the future with powerful tools that are capable of reproducing and creating holographic and 3D objects.

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