Microsoft: How much do you hear from the company?

Susan Bradley, a well-known Windows administrator and contributor to various forums and websites, recently posted an open letter to Microsoft, which summarizes the results of a Windows search. Microsoft

The research examines the quality of the updates as well as the ongoing builds in general. Users had to answer five simple questions using a scale from 1 to 5. 1 referred to "not at all satisfied" and 5 to "very satisfied".

The questions were:

  • Are you happy with Microsoft patching (Windows 7 and Windows 10)?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of Windows 10 updates?
  • Are Windows 10 new feature updates useful for business needs?
  • Are you happy with the pace of release of new features?
  • Does Microsoft meet the business needs of Windows 10?

Susan also added an open-ended question, in which participants could comment on the What Microsoft needs to change to make Windows 10 better for businesses.

The survey results showed what was expected: Most users who completed the survey were dissatisfied with the current quality of updates, new feature updates, and general update behavior. Almost 70% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with the quality of the builds released.

Susan said that all 47 updates released by Microsoft July of 2018 had problems, he added, adding that pre-release testing by Insiders alone does not appear to be sufficient as a quality control.

Susan also said that the two releases of new features per year cause "patching fatigue".

Adding new settings via Windows Update to businesses often conflicts with other Group Policy settings, and confuses the system.

Another serious problem posed by Susan is the description of the patches:

Starting in January of this year with the release of Updates for Specter - Meltdown, there have been many instances where the description of the repair was incorrect. The entries in the Knowledge Base were initially incorrect and were later updated.

How did Microsoft react when it "listens" to the customer?

Microsoft responded twice to Susan Bradley's open letter. The first response was simply an admission that he had received the letter. A Customer Relationship Manager stated that "Microsoft will take your concerns to the best-equipped leadership team to make decisions."

Η Microsoft's second letter, which was sent again by the same Customer Relationship Manager, is a different letter indicating that Microsoft has no intention of doing anything about these issues.

Microsoft simply stated that Windows is different, and asked Susan Bradley for its opinion using the Feedback Hub.

Your letter clearly states your concerns about the quality and timing of Microsoft updates. I would like to add that with Windows 10 Microsoft decided to be more active. This has always been the way we keep the current commercial versions of Windows on the market.
There are also bug fixes. These updates can be vital. The Windows software environment and hardware are extremely complex. When these errors are fixed, updates should be issued to users. These updates are necessary for the systems to work as expected. Windows 10 is very different from previous versions of Windows. Older versions of Windows were a single product, while Windows 10 consisted entirely of a basic installation and then ongoing updates. Updates are not add-ons that you can select or not select, but are part of the operating system.

Below is a link to the Feedback Hub. In the future, you could use this link to share your suggestions or comments about problems with Windows products.


Again, thank you for all your comments. Is there anything else I can do to help? Do you have any other questions or concerns you would like to discuss? If they do not exist, I will go ahead and close the service request.

The answer of course is corporate, which means thank you for your comments should have been at the end of the dialogue.

To mention that Windows 10 may be different, since we are talking about an operating as a service, but system administrators are right.

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