Microsoft Teams 250 million monthly active users

Microsoft today announced its fourth-quarter earnings for 4. The company appears to have surpassed analysts' estimates with revenue of $ 2021 billion, up 46,2% from the same period last year.

The development was supported by strong performance on all cloud services. For the entire fiscal year 2021, the company had revenue of $ 168,1 billion, up 18% year-on-year. microsoft black

As usual, CEO Satya Nadella conducted a web show to clarify the best moments and provide more information about the data. The same information was given at the same time by Microsoft Corporate Communications Vice President Frank Shaw on Twitter.

During this webcast, Satya Nadella announced that the Teams platform now has approximately 250 million monthly active users (MAUs). The last time the company provided a number for the service, it provided the daily number of active users, which amounted to 145 million.

Going to MAU significantly increases the numbers, and the company did not provide information on how this number is verified. It should be noted, however, that the Teams service is combined with commercial Office subscriptions, and the increase in Office subscriptions helps to increase the use of the Teams application.

Aside from a quarter of a billion, the company said there are about 80 million active Teams phone users, with "more than 1 billion" calls in a single month. Regarding the adoption of the service by large organizations, the company states that 124 companies had more than 100.000 users in Teams, adding that about 3.000 "have more than 10.000 users".

The rapidly increasing use of the Teams application is also helped by the ever-increasing number of Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Microsoft is of course trying to extend the Teams app beyond its established business base by adding consumer features to the product.

Microsoft now integrates a Teams chat button on the Windows 11 taskbar hoping to get more people to try out its application.

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