Microsoft Teams free for personal use

After a long time in preview mode, Microsoft Teams is now available for free for personal use worldwide on all major platforms.

In a post on Microsoft blog, the company he said that you can now use Microsoft Teams not only for business or educational purposes but also for personal accounts. The app will allow you to invite, chat, connect and plan designs with friends and relatives.

You can also make personal group calls and if you miss such a call, you can always view it later or read the group chat, as it will not be lost after the call.

To make family video calling more fun, you can try the Together feature. With its help, you can make your personal video calls look like your meetings in a virtual cafe or any other virtual space.

The function uses artificial intelligence to pick you up and take you to a virtual space with the others you are talking to. However, this feature is only available for the desktop version of Microsoft Teams.

Now through Microsoft Teams, you can also plan with your friends and family without leaving your chat. You can create to-do lists and share them with the team. Anyone in the group discussion can make changes to the list.

You can also poll, add group events, and assign tasks to interlocutors. In addition, through the control panel, you can quickly access all the information related to the discussions, such as shared files, photos and tasks.

All you need to do is access these features is to download Microsoft Teams on your device or to open its website in any browser on the Web. Microsoft Teams is available on all major platforms: iOS, Android or desktops.

The company has not yet said whether it intends to completely replace Skype with Microsoft Teams. However, Microsoft has already set an end date for Skype for Business Online. So it is very likely that Skype will soon be merged with the Teams application.



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