Microsoft Teams Premium preview for 30-day trials

Η Microsoft κυκλοφόρησε την προεπισκόπηση του Microsoft Teams Premium. Η ενημερωμένη υπηρεσία έρχεται δωρεάν για μια περίοδο δοκιμών 30 ημερών.

Those interested can try the service through the Microsoft 365 admin center without paying anything.teams premium

Teams Premium is essentially a Microsoft Teams add-on and brings more personalization, AI functionality and security features. With the premium service, Microsoft aims to make virtual meetings more personalized, intelligent and secure.

The company has listed up to five features that Teams Premium users can try out right now:

  • Extend your organization's brand and corporate culture in meetings with brand, and organization functions.
  • Use AI to make the meetings you attend (or miss) more productive and efficient through live translation with subtitles to break down language barriers and smart recap features with smart recordings, auto-generated chapters, AI-recommended action items and information to fast track missed meetings where your name was mentioned.
  • Apply advanced meeting protection such as watermarking, end-to-end encryption for meetings, and sensitivity protection for meetings by preventing copy/paste of conversations.
  • Deliver a high-quality webinar experience through advanced capabilities to streamline workflow, with registration waitlisting and manual approval, facilitating behind-the-scenes actions via a virtual green room for presenters (separate from attendees) before the event starts, and management of the participants' experience.
  • Manage your end-to-end virtual appointment experience with advanced features like text reminders, custom branded virtual meetings, and a central virtual appointment dashboard to quickly view schedules, lists, and analytics to track key usage information like wait time per appointment .

If all goes as planned, Microsoft Teams Premium will be available in February 2023 and will cost $10 per user per month. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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