Microsoft Teams will overtake Windows

Microsoft claims that the Microsoft Teams service will become larger than Windows and will therefore be the new money-making machine for the company.

Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly the fastest growing Microsoft service in its history, as the figures recently released by the company itself prove the point.

For those who do not know this service is something like Slack. That is, it is a meeting and teleconferencing platform, with group storage of files and data and that can work in real time with Office 365. The service has a free and premium version.

Η Microsoft Teams reached 75 million daily active users at the end of April, a staggering increase from 44 million a month ago. Of course, the increase of 31 million daily active users was fueled by the global health crisis, but on the other hand, Microsoft says that all the efforts it has made over the last two years at Microsoft Teams are finally paying off.

And now the company, through the vice president of Microsoft 365, Jeff Tepper, claims that it expects Microsoft Teams to continue its upward trend. But how far will it go? As Tepper says, "Until it gets bigger than Windows".

Microsoft's plan is to make Microsoft Teams bigger than Windows. It is an ambitious goal but clearly achievable. Windows 10 runs on about 1 billion devices worldwide, but with Teams development to climb at a very fast pace, it is not difficult to imagine that the platform as a whole can become the new champion of Microsoft.

A money making machine
But Microsoft itself admits that Teams will try to follow in the footsteps of Windows and evolve from a standard collaboration solution to a fully-fledged platform.

As Teper explained, “Teams will be a platform that goes beyond operating systems and will be even bigger than Windows. We want users to create Teams-based applications running on iOS, Android, the web, Mac, and Windows. Thus, Teams will eventually become the most present platform in the world. It will not exceed the need for Windows, but… ”

And Tepper continues: "We will see strong growth, with hundreds of millions of people using Teams. At some point, the amount of time people spend on online dating will logically decrease. The 4 billion minutes a day will continue to increase for the time being, but at some point, that number will decrease because people will not want to spend eight hours a day online meeting if they can meet in person. But as far as users are concerned, I am very optimistic that they will continue to grow. "

Ultimately, the goal of the Microsoft Teams platform is to become a key part of a truly powerful technology system that Microsoft wants to build using a range of key products, including Office 365 and Windows.

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