What will Microsoft do with FLoC technology?

What's the relationship between Microsoft and the new Google's tracking technology called FLoC? Will he exclude her?

Brave does. Vivaldi does. Mozilla does. Even the it does. What does Microsoft think about the controversial FLoC technology?

It is not clear.

"We believe in a future where the Web can offer users privacy, transparency and control, and we also support responsible business models for building a vibrant, open and diverse ecosystem," Microsoft told The Verge when asked if it would block technology. FLoC.

“Like Google, we support solutions that give users clear consent and don't override consumer choices. This is also why we do not support solutions they use τα ταυτότητας χρήστη χωρίς κάποια συγκατάθεση, όπως το fingerprinting. Η τεχνολογία βρίσκεται σε ταξίδι και θα υπάρξουν προτάσεις για τα προγράμματα which will not need individual user identifiers as well as proposals for consent-based identifiers. We will continue to explore these approaches with the community. Recently, for example, we were pleased to introduce a possible approach, as described in proposal PARAKEET. This proposal is not final but it is an evolving document. "


These are the words you need to say a lot without saying anything. If you are looking for a yes or a no Microsoft will not do you the favor. Or at least for an answer like "we're still looking at it".

The above statement is an unfortunate example of Microsoft's inability to communicate effectively.

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George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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  1. My comment is not entirely relevant to this post.

    However, I remembered and recorded the announcement of google about a month ago, according to which: it will abolish cookies because it "believes" (as it said then) that the internet should not be monitored even through cookies…

    In all this internet monitoring report she… forgot to mention that she is replacing the coockies with the "dog" Flock…

    For now, I will repeat my firm view. Microsoft google and facebook do not have the slightest difference between them. Neither in their opinions about privacy, nor in their… opinion, according to which: "the internet belongs to them" and how they can make the internet user a "consumer buyer".
    Against all this fury of large companies, for the time being, shorter-range browsers make the difference.
    But the future will show what will prevail. The future where states do not seem sufficient or even willing to impose conditions on multinational giants, since "there is a lot of money Mars" (falling into pockets)…

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