Microsoft to Kaspersky: Windows Defender is Top Antivirus

Microsoft has finally published a response to her complaint in the EU when the company requested an antitrust investigation into Redmond's treatment of third-party antivirus on its Windows operating system.

In a lengthy statement, Microsoft defended Windows 10 antivirus and explained how the company works with security software vendors to make the operating system secure with third-party solutions. Rob Lefferts, Director at Windows & Devices Group, Security & Enterprise, explains that Windows Defender is currently one of the top solutions on the market, with detection rates over 99%.Kaspersky

Lefferts reports that Microsoft works with nearly 80 independent software vendors under the so-called Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI) program, which allows antivirus vendors to prepare for the development of new versions of Windows and optimize solutions to prevent any compatibility problems may occur.

Additionally, Microsoft says that the security developers can test compatibility with new versions of Windows thanks to the Windows Insider program, a program that includes and χρήστες που μπορούν να στείλουν σχόλια για οποιοδήποτε it may occur.

Lefferts of course referred to Kaspersky's claim that Microsoft disables antivirus software when it updates Windows, as was done by upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update released April 11.

95% of of Windows 10 that received the update were running antivirus compatible with the Creators Update, Microsoft says.

“For the small number of apps that still needed an update, we created one μόνο για εφαρμογές AV που θα παρακινούσε το χρήστη να εγκαταστήσει μια νέα of the AV application immediately after the update is complete. To do this, we have temporarily disabled some parts of the AV software during the update process. ”

Finally, Lefferts emphasizes that Microsoft is always working closely with antivirus vendors to make sure there are no compatibility problems when updating Windows and keeping users constantly protected. This is why Windows Defender removes or shuts down third-party antivirus, Lefferts added.

Microsoft tried to communicate with Kaspersky several times, according to reports, but the Russian security firm has decided to initiate legal proceedings. The EU has not yet announced whether an antitrust investigation will be launched. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. I do not use software for viruses from third parties I am with what Windows 10 has and I have never had a problem with any virus getting on my PC.

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