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Windows as a service or as a service has been around for a while, but it doesn't work. Microsoft's plan to have two new features updates in Windows 10 annually, (the company does it from 2015), is not considered as positive by its customers.

After the Windows 10 October Update fixture, it seems much clearer that Microsoft's strategy for two updates per year does not deliver the expected. Microsoft

At present there is no sign that Microsoft will stop the two Windows 10 feature updates in the near future. The company a while ago he said that customers in Enterprise and Education can only install one update every second year. However, Windows 10 Home and Pro customers do not have this option.

Microsoft could allow Windows 10 Home users to have the option of postponing one of two updates, and upgrade once a year. Unfortunately there are no signs…

But after the latest fiasco, the company will have to think very seriously about releasing at least one reliable update. It 's probably time to install an update that does not focus on new features but only on reliability and security. Advertising new features from Insiders builds is a very well done marketing game. The Windows Insider program brings the company free promotion of its product, as well as millions of testers. And the candy of the "hundreds of new features" seems to work perfectly. The only thing that does not work is Windows itself.

Microsoft, if it wishes to be in the top technology companies, should see the testing procedures again and of course improve them. It should support the basic operating system and once it has filled new features to test them until they work.

Microsoft should commit to ensuring that the successor of Windows 10 October Update is a trustworthy version. Without new features, a boring but useful and reliable update.
If this tactic works, it should establish it, and if it wishes two updates a year, let one be credible. Vital but reliable. I think its customers will be much more pleased, especially if they leave them the choice for an update a year.


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