Microsoft has found a new way to piss off customers

Some things require special talent. Cooking requires patience and imagination. Soccer requires coordination and determination.

On the other hand, annoying your customers requires coolness and extreme indifference.


Too many big tech companies are into it. However, Microsoft has shown a special knack for annoying and even angering its customers. Unfortunately, the examples are limitless.

Who can forget the unlimited updates at the start of Windows 10's launch, or the company forcing its customers to install Edge in ways borrowed from malware? Others were even worried that he was stealing them Chrome data.

Lately we've been noticing Redmond's tendency to serve more and more ads, initially stating that it was done by mistake..

Last year, the home page of Outlook email was decorated with ads for things you don't want or already have.

Many pleaded with the company to stop them, and the response was: "Ads that encourage you to download Edge or add an Outlook app aren't really ads at all."

According to the company it is just information that mentions new features and applications.

So no ads…

A Twitter user, Nick Smith, he was enraged too much with Microsoft for how it had done the Outlook app on iOS.

"My @Outlook iOS app is showing email-like ads now." He added, visibly annoyed: "get the fuck outta here, @Microsoft."

To be perfectly fair, this email-like ad included the word “Ad” in a small box. However, the advertising at this point, annoyed and continues to annoy as you will be able to see in one thread on Reddit. In the thread there are many users of the Outlook app (for iOS and Android) condemning the move.

Of course if we try to translate the actions of the company, from what we have seen so far, we probably wouldn't like the logic behind it: "You will receive ads whether you like it or not because you use our service for free" However, the company continues to sells Windows 10-11.

Big tech companies like Microsoft and Apple have long planned to run ads, as have other big tech companies like Google and Facebook, which have the motto that the customer is the product.

But what differentiates the last two companies is that they provide free products.

Our personal spaces have long been eroded and personal lives are not so personal anymore.

If a tech company can find a new way to make money off of us, they will. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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