Microsoft Whiteboard is being upgraded for Windows 10 & iOS

The Microsoft Whiteboard team has upgraded the app with more colors, new pens and instant typing.

Microsoft Whiteboard is an office application that brings you a digital whiteboard (like the school ones) where users can collaborate in real time. A preview of this application for you we had presented earlier. A week ago the people in charge of this application added several new features. Let's take a look.

New colors and thickness with pen
10 new pen colors and three more thick pens were added, allowing Whiteboard users to express themselves better. To access the new colors and thicknesses, click on the pen you selected to display the palette.

Background colors and grid lines
The table now offers nine background color options and eight types of grid lines that can be used together or separately to customize the final background according to the needs of the session. You can select them, for each table, from the Settings menu.

Enter text directly using the keyboard
For those who prefer to type a message directly from the keyboard rather than handwritten with a pen, they can do so by pressing the text input option from the menu and typing their text.

All these features are now available in their applications Windows 10 and iOS.



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